About Me

My name is Christian Schiffer. I was born in Denmark, lived shortly in Australia until the age of 6, but I spent most of my childhood in Germany. I studied geophysics at the Christian Albrecht's University of Kiel (Germany) and finished my Masters and PhD in Geoscience at Aarhus University (Denmark). During my PhD I worked mainly with teleseismic receiver function modelling of different datasets from East Greenland, Ellesmere Island, Scotland and Scandinavia. I also worked with other geophysical techniques, such gravity modelling, Geoid and the lithospheric stress field.

I had different short and long-term postdoctoral stays as the Norwegian Geological Survey and Durham.

Currently I am holding a 2-year postdoctoral position at Uppsala University.

Here, I am working on a new inversion code including receiver fucntions, wave polarisations and surface waves.

I am interested in the geodynamic evolution of the North Atlantic and Arctic, especially the Phanerozoic orogenic events, rifting and opening of ocean basins. I investigate these topics by lithsopehric geophysics and try to develop models from observations.

My current main collaborators are Randell Stephenson (Aberdeen University), Gillian Foulger (Durham University), Kenni Petersen, Thorsten Nagel (Aarhus University), Laurent Gernigon (NGU), Stéphane Rondenay (University of Bergen), Andrew Schaeffer (University of Ottawa), Tuna Eken (Technical University of Istanbul), Erik Duesterhoeft (Kiel University), José Soares (University of Brasilia) and others.





1/6/2020 - Our article "Vp/Vs ration in the Parnaíba Basin from joint active-passive seismic analysis - Implication for contienntal amalgamation and basin formation" has just been accpted at Tectonophysics.

1/6/2020 - Our article collection "A new paradigm for the North Atlantic Realm" has been now published with Earth-Science Reviews.

12/1/2020 - I've been awarded a Starting Grant by the Swedish Research Council, giving me four years of salary to stay at Uppsala University

3/9/2019 - Today, I've been awarded the Benzelius Prize by the Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala


8/5/2019 - Our second ESR review paper was accepted on LIPs and the dispersal of Pangaea

8/5/2019 - Our first ESR review paper was accepted on the rifting and breakup in the Norway-Greenland Sea

17/1/2019 - Happy to announce that our paper "Localised crustal deformation in the  central North Anatolian Fault Zone from P-receiver functions and P-wave polarisation" was accepted for publication in GJI

1/1/2019 - As of January 2019, I have started a new postdoctoral assignment at Uppsala University.
12/11/2018 -
Home again after an intense and successful week in Brasilia, visiting Jose Soares and his research group, LabLitos.

12/11/2018 - Proud to announce that our paper "LIP formation and protracted lower mantle upwelling induced by rifting and delamination" with K. Petersen and T. Nagel (Aarhus university) has been published in Scientific Reports.

22/10/2018 - The IUGG Montreal 2019 program is now online (http://iugg2019montreal.com/iugg-program.html) and abstract submission open (http://iugg2019montreal.com/abstract-submission.html). I am co-convening the IASPEI symposium "S18 - Cratonic Evolution, Structure and Resource Potential".

15/10/2018 - Our paper "LIP formation and protracted lower mantle upwelling induced by rifting and delamination" with K. Petersen and T. Nagel (Aarhus university) has been accepted for publication at Scientific Reports.

01/10/2018 - Thanks, Stéphane Rondenay, for a great SWaMMIS workshop at the University of Bergen and excursion to the Bergen Arcs a few weeks ago.

15/08/2018 - Our paper "Evidence for basement reactivation during the opening of the Labrador Sea from the Makkovik Province, Labrador, Insights from field-data and numerical models" has been accepted for publication at Geosciences.

06/08/2018 - I just returned from a very successful fieldtrip in Denmark.



www.carlsbergfondet.dk/da - Website of the Carlsberg Foundation

volcano.au.dk - Website of the Earth System Petrology group, Aarhus University

www.scl-ilp.org/ - International Lithosphere Program

www.mantleplumes.org/ - Discussion website for mantleplumes & geodynamics